Laborpumpen (Peristaltikpumpen)

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Laboratory Pumps Introduction
Fluid handling is a common need in most labs. With smaller dispense requirements and longer-to-continuous duty operations, smaller more accurate and robust pumping solutions are necessary. To meet these needs, we now offer pumping solutions from sister IDEX® Corporation business units: revolutionary ISMATEC® peristaltic pumps and innovative Sapphire EngineeringTM syringe pump alternatives (PVMs and IPVs).
Features /Benefits of Peristaltic Pumps
- Pumping by Speed or Flow Rate / Dispensing by Volume or Time / Interval Dispensing with a Pause
/ Dispensing a Volume within a Pre-set Time
/ Interval Dispensing with a Pre-set Number of Dispensing Cycles / Roller Back-steps for Drip-free Dispensing / Contamination Free Pumping / - Pumping Sterile Media  / High Accuracy / High Repeatability / Multi-Channel Pumping
Features /Benefits of PVMs /IPVs
PVM (Pump Valve Module) Aspirating/Dispensing System
- For automated pipetting, diluting and dispensing / Self-contained, stepper motor driven module / Uses IPVs
- 100% software compatible with Cavro™ XP-3000 syringe pumps / Many programmable functions
- RS-232, RS-485 and CAN BUS communication and control / Selectively work with up to 15 PVMs
Peristaltikpumpen IPV (Integrated Piston/Valve)
- For use on PVMs and direct plug-and-play use on Cavro XP-3000 syringe pumps
- Accuracy and precision identical to traditional syringes and valves
- Lasts up to 20 times longer than traditional products, with significant lifetime cost savings
- Made of durable, chemically resistant materials
- Set-up in less than five minutes / Requires no routine maintenance / 50µL - 5.0mL volumes available,with or without a seal wash option

Peristaltic Pumps Introduction
For a Wide Range of Applications
With a wide range of tubing available, ISMATEC peristaltic tubing pumps are capable of pumping almost any media, including corrosive or sterile.
- Many tubing materials available / Independent, yet simultaneous delivery of
various media at different flow rates
(multichannel pumps-up to 24 channels) / Self-priming from a depth of up to 8 m / Reversible rotation direction
/ Extremely accurate dispensing with calibrateable,
microprocessor controlled drives
The peristaltic pump principle of ISMATEC pumps.
Inexpensive to Maintain
- Practically no maintenance costs
- Nearly maintenance-free
- Tubing is the only part to wear
No expensive seals, valves or diaphragms
- Ready again after simple tubing change  
- High quality and precision deliver optimum
performance even after many years of intensive use
Continuous Duty Safe and Easy to Use
- Developed for continuous duty, 24 hrs./day, 7 days/week
- No contamination of the fluid or the pump  / Immune to dry-running
- No valves to clog, hang up or need servicing / No seals which can leak
- No syphoning effect when the pump stops / No flushing and cleaning required  Immediately adaptable to new application
- New tubing = pump is ready for use
- Fast filling and emptying thanks to a MAX key
and reversible flow direction
Rotation Direction Reversible

Ismatec Peristaltic Pump Paremeters
Features Pumping
Max. Flow Rate 68 ml /min Multi-channel system yes
Min. Flow Rate <0.001 mL /min Low Shearing Forces low
Max. Diff. Pressure ~1-2.5 bar (~15-36 psi) Contamination Free yes
Suction Lift, Water 7-8m Reverse Operation yes
Dead Volume practically none Pulsation Ratio low to moderate
Chemical Compatibility depens on tubing Media
Accuracy, Repeatability high Pump particles yes
Self-Priming yes Viscous Liquids yes
Dry-Running yes Pump Living Cells yes
Maintenance tubing replacement Foaming / Gas / Corrosive / Aggressive yes

Low Flow Peristaltic Pumps
- 4 to 24 Channels
- 0.0004 to 44 mL/min Flow Rates
- For dispensing and continuous flow applications / Very High Repeatability on All Channels
- Lowest Pulsation, Highest Accuracy
ISMATEC® high accuracy, multichannel peristaltic tubing pumps are ideal for both continuous pumping and discrete dispensing applications. Smooth, low pulse and repeatable operation is ensured by a unique planetary drive system.
These pumps are easily calibrated and can be programmed to dispense by flow rate, volume or time, making them adaptable to many applications. A pause time of up to 999 hours can also be programmed between dispense volumes. There's even a back-step routine option to prevent drips as well as a stand-by mode. The LED display indicates the current setting. Priming and flushing are accomplished with a simple push of a button on the membrane key pad, without affecting programmed settings.Choose from ISMATEC's line of standard or low speed units, each available with 4, 8, 12 and 24 channels.
Ismatec Mehrkanal Peristaltikpumpen
Speed Model Flow rate (mL /min per channel)
Standard IPC 0.002-44
Low IPC-N 0.0004-11
Speed (rpm) coupled with the selection of tubing ID determines actual flow rate per channel. The standard Click `n' go cassettes, supplied with each pump, feature an automatic pressure setting. Maximum differential pressure is 15 psi (1.0 bar), depending on tubing material. Tubing with small IDs and/or optional cassettes with pressure lever  may enable higher pressures.Operations can be controlled via RS-232 computer interface. Analog input and output controls via contact closure include: speed control (0-5 or 0-10 V; 0-20 or 4-20mA), speed output (0-10 V or 0-11 kHz), start/stop, rotation direction and autostart. Download drivers for LabVIEW Software at no cost from, "Downloads".
Each unit is housed in lacquered stainless steel. Typical applications for these Ismatec Peristaltic Tubing Pumps include:
-Toxicological in-vitro use
- Perfusion of animal tissue slices
- Sampling from tablet dissolution systems / Flow injection analyzers

Motor typ DC motor
Speed IPC /IPC-N 0.4-45rpm / 0.11-11.25rpm
Speed setting 1-100% resolution 0.1%
Flow rate setting µL/min or mL/min
Power consumption 30W
Power supply 230 V /50Hz,115V /60Hz adjustable
Protection rating IP 30
Dimension / Weight
  Depth/Width/Heigh (mm) Weight
4 channels 180 x 175 x 130 4.6
8 channels 220 x 175 x 130 5.1
12 channnels 260 x 175 x 130 5.8
24 channnels 380 x 175 x 130 7.9

Low Flow Peristaltic Tubing Pumps
Order No. Model Flow Rates (mL/min per channel) Channels Speed (rpm)  
Standart Speed (IPC)
ISM930 IPC 4 0.002-44 4 0.4-45  
ISM931 IPC 8 0.002-44 8 0.4-45  
ISM932 IPC 12 0.002-44 12 0.4-45  
ISM934 IPC 24 0.002-44 24 0.4-45  
Low Speed (IPC-N)
ISM935 IPC 4 0.0004-11 4 0.11-11.25  
ISM936 IPC 8 0.0004-11 8 0.11-11.25  
ISM937 IPC 12 0.0004-11 12 0.11-11.25  
ISM939 IPC 24 0.0004-11 24 0.11-11.25  

Compact Reglo Peristaltic Pumps
- 2 and 4 Channels / 0.002 - 57mL/min Flow Rates / ISMATEC®'s Smallest Calibrateable Dispensing Pump / Foot Print Only 178 x 100 mm and only 13.5cm high! / High Repeatability

ISMATEC® compact REGLO peristaltic tubing pumps offer two or four channels in a small footprint. The eight rollers of these variable-speed pumps provide smooth, consistent flow. Two control options are available - programmable digital and analog.
REGLO Programmable Digital Pumps with dispensing function
The digital pump version is easily calibrated and programmed via a 6-button membrane keypad and LED display interface. Dispense by flow rate, volume or time. A pause time of up to 999 hours can also be programmed between dispense volumes. Back-steps can also be programmed to prevent drips.Control operations remotely via RS-232 computer interface. An analog speed output signal is available (see REGLO Analog, below). Activate start/stop and autostart with analog contact closure input signals. Drivers for LabVIEW Software are available at no cost from, "Downloads."
REGLO Analog Pumps without dispensing function
Flow for the analog version is controlled by setting the pump speed (rpm). Speed is adjustable from 2-99% in 1 % steps via a 2-digit potentiometer.
Analog input and output controls via contact closure include: speed control (0-5 or 0-10 V; 0-20 or 4-20mA), speed output (2-channel: 0-8 kHz; 4-channel: 0-5 kHz), start/stop and rotation direction. The combination of pump speed (rpm) and the ID of the selected tubing determines actual flow rate per channel. Standard Click `n' go cassettes, supplied with each pump, feature an automatic pressure setting. Maximum differential pressure is 15 psi (1.0 bar), depending on tubing material. Tubing with small IDs and/or optional cassettes with pressure lever  may enable higher pressures.

    Reglo Digital Rego Analog
Motor type   DC motor DC motor
Speed 2-channnel 4-channel 1.6-160 rpm 1.0-100 rpm 3.2-160 rpm 2.0-100 rpm
Speed setting   rpm, resolution 0.1 rpm 2-99% resolution 1% 2-digit potentiometer
Flow rate setting   µL/min or mL/min NA
Power consumption   20 W 20 W
Power supply   85-264V / 47-60Hz 230V /50Hz, 115V /60Hz adjustable
Protection rating   IP 30 IP 30
Depth/Width/Height 2-channel 4channel 178 x 100 x 135mm 190 x 100 x 135mm 178 x 100 x 143mm 190 x 100 x 143mm
Weight 2-channel 4-channel 2.0kg 2.1kg 2.0kg 2.1kg

Compact Reglo Peristaltic Tubing Pumps
Artikelnummer Model Flow rates (mL/min per channel) Channels Rollers Speed (rpm)  
ISM832 MS-2/08 0.002-57 2 8 1.6-160  
ISM834 MS-4/08 0.002-35 4 8 1.0-100  
ISM829 MS-2/08 0.004-57 2 8 3.2-160  
ISM827 MS-4/08 0.003-35 4 8 2.0-100  

- Compact Size
- 2 and 4 Channels
- 0.021 to 21.0 mL/min Flow Rates
ISMATEC® Fixed Speed, Rack-Mount Peristaltic Pumps are ideal for limited space applications. These compact, 2 or 4 channel economical pumps are simple to operate - a quick flick of the on/off switch and the eight rollers and synchronous motor ensure steady, reproducible flow rates. Tubing changes are equally simple, and can even be accomplished while the pump is running. The flow rate of these fixed speed pumps is determined by the inner diameter of the selected tubing. Each pump is supplied with a set of standard Click `n' go tubing cassettes, with automatic pressure setting. Maximum differential pressure is 15 psi (1.0 bar), depending on tubing material. Tubing with small IDs and/or optional cassettes with pressure lever  may enable higher pressures. Pumps are also supplied with a 6-foot cord and mounting rod (5 1/2" L x 1/2" diameter).
Typical applications for these pumps are multichannel delivery processes requiring a constant flow rate, such as:
- Pump seal wash
- Sipper pump for flow-through cuvettes
- Long-term determination of environmental influences / Feeding of overlow level control systems
Artikelnummer Model Flow rates (mL/min per channel) Channels Rollers Speed (rpm)  
230 Volts (European)
ISM847 MS-CA 2/820 0.021-7.1 2 8 20  
ISM849 MS-CA 2/860 0.064-21.0 2 8 60  
ISM852 MS-CA 4/820 0.021-7.1 4 8 20  
ISM853 MS-CA 4/840 0.043-14.0 4 8 40  

Motor type Synchronous motor
Speed 20, 40 or 60 rpm
Power consumption 8 W
Power supply 230 V (50/60Hz)
Protection rating IP 30
Depth/Width/Height   2-channel                                4-channel 125 x 88 x 135mm 145 x 88 x 135mm
Weight                    2-channel                               4-channel 1.2kg 1.3kg

Tubing Cassettes
Developed and Consistently Improved by ISMATEC®
Click'n' go Cassattes (Standart)
- Automatic tubing pressure; no readjustment necessary / Ideal for non-monitored, long-time use
Please Note: Click 'n' go cassettes are not suitable for differential pressure greater than 1 bar (15 psi). For these conditions you should choose the pressure lever cassettes.
Pressure Lever Cassettes (Optional)
The optional pressure lever allows you to set a different tubing pressure for each channel. Depending on the application, tubing material and diameter, an optimally adjusted tubing pressure can be set. To maintain constant flow rates it may be necessary to periodically adjust the tubing pressure.
Foot Switch
The ISMATEC foot switch for start/stop is very practical for use with pumps as dispensing systems, e.g. for filling tubes, bottles etc. A foot switch provides the start/stop signal required, allowing hands-free activation of the filling system. The switch's protection rating is IP21 (higher safety categories, e.g. IP67 on request). A 6-foot (1.8m) cable is included.

Artikelnummer Model Material Adapters Req'd?  
Click `n' go Spare Cassettes (1)
IS3510 MS/CA Click '5' go POM-C No  
IS3710 CA Click 'n' go POM-C Yes (2)  
Pressure Lever Optional Cassettes
IS0649 MS/CA Pressure Lever POM-C No  
IS3629 MS/CA Pressure Lever PVDF (3) No  
IS0122 CA Pressure Lever POM-C Yes (2)  
IS3820 CA Pressure Lever PVDF (3) Yes (2)  
Replacement Adapters for CA Cassettes (2)
IS0123 Adapter for CA Cassettes POM-C ----------  
IS3861 Adapter for CA Cassettes PVDF (3) ----------  
Artikelnummer Beschreibung  
ISM016 IPC and IPC-N (firmware version older than 4.00)  
IS10039 IPC and IPC-N (from firmware version 4.00)  
ISM891 REGLOAnalog  
ISM894 REGLO Digital  
(1) Included with all Ismatec cassette-style pumps. (2) When ordering replacement CA Cassettes two Adapters per cassette must also be ordered (3) PVDF offers higher chemical resistance,

Confluent ™ PVM
Complete Asp irnting / Dispensing System / Uses Long Life IPVs
The compact digital Confluent PVM (Pump and Valve Module) is a selfcontained, stepper motor driven module. This product is designed for various liquid handling applications such as automated pipetting, diluting and dispensing. The Confluent PVM uses the patent pending IPV (Integrated Piston/Valve), which meets and exceeds the precision accuracy of traditional syringe/plug valve systems while offering up to 20x the life. This translates into a major cost savings. Confluent PVM is 100% software compatible with the Cavro™ XP-3000 syringe pump (standard resolution). It can be operated as a stand-alone module or in automated instruments controlled by an external computer or microprocessor. Each pump has RS-232, RS-485 and CAN BUS connections for communication with a controlling device using Data Terminal protocol.
- 100% plug and play software compatible with Cavro XP-3000 syringe pumps /Resolution of 3,000 full steps per stroke / Programmable ramps, cut-offs, backlash compensation, plunger speeds, delays and loops / Select piston speed / Absolute and relative positioning of pistons / Start and terminate piston movement / Check pump with self-test / Selectively work with up to 15 PVMs
The performance of each PVM is tested and documented before shipment. The Confluent PVM meets the CE EMC Class B specifications. Please see the following table for more specifications.
The PVM can be used with your choice of IPV, from 50µL - 5.0mL volumes, with or without optional seal wash ports.

Confluent PVM Specifications
Piston Drive DC stepper motor with a step control sensor, self lubricating, 30mm stroke length
Motor Resolution 3,000 steps, standard resolution
Dispense Speed (full stroke) 1.1 sec - 600 sec
Valve Drive DC stepper motor with optical encoder
Valve Drive Speed 250ms between adjacent ports
Valve Tubing Connections 1/4-28 flat bottom fittings
Power Requirements 24 VDC ± 5%; 1.2A
Baud Rate 9,600 to 38,400 (RS-232, RS-485)
Input/Output 2 input TTL; 3 output TTL
Dimensions 5.00" H x 1.80" W x 4.50" D
(127mm H x 45mm W x 114mm D)
Weight 2.5Ibs, (1.1 kg)
Operating Range
17° to 37° C
10 - 85% R.H. noncondensing
Storage Range
5° to 45° C
10 - 95% R.H. noncondensing

Confluent PVM /IPV Kits (1)
With IPV
81-1003K-4908-50-07 PVM with 50µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908-100-07 PVM with 100µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908-250-07 PVM with 250µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908-500-07 PVM with 500µLIPV  
81-1003K-4908-1000-07  PVM with 1.0mL IPV  
81-1003K-4908-2500-07 PVM with 2.5mL IPV  
81-1003K-4908-5000-07 PVM with 5.0mL IPV  
With IPV and Seal WashPort
81-1003K-4908W-50-07 PVM with 50µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908W-100-07 PVM with 100µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908W-250-07 PVM with 250µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908W-500-07 PVM with 500µL IPV  
81-1003K-4908W-1000-07 PVM with 1.0mL IPV  
81-1003K-4908W-2500-07 PVM with 2.5mL IPV  
81-1003K-4908W-5000-07 PVM with 5.0mL IPV  

Confluent ™ IPV Patent pending
- Accuracy and Precision Identical to Traditional Syringes and Valves / Significant Lifetime Cost Savings / Direct Plug-and-Play Products / Made of Durable, Chemically Resistant Materials
The Sapphire Engineering™ Confluent Integrated Piston/Valves (IPVs) offer precision and accuracy equivalent to traditional glass barrel/Teflon® syringes with Kel-F®/Teflon plug valves. However, extensive tests show the Confluent IPV will outlast traditional syringe/valves by as much as 20 fold, yielding major lifetime cost savings. By selecting the seal wash option, you can extend Confluent IPV life even longer when using it with aggressive or difficult fluids (such as salt buffer solutions). The Confluent IPV requires no routine preventive maintenance such as cleaning and nut tightening, essential with conventional syringes. How does the Confluent IPV deliver such dramatic savings? The IPV uses cutting-edge piston technology to pump fluid via positive displacement in lieu of a traditional syringe. Secondly, a ceramic-on-ceramic shear valve replaces the more-common polymer plug valve. These innovations, combined with proprietary surface finishing processes on the ultra-hard piston, rotor and stator surfaces, mean significantly less wear, less downtime and reduced cost of ownership.
Select a Confluent IPV for use on a Confluent PVM, or as a direct plug-and-play replacement for an existing syringe/ valve on a Cavro XP-3000 syringe pump. Getting up and running takes as little as five minutes. Choose from the available 50µL - 5.0mL volumes, with or without a seal wash option. Use Confluent IPVs in traditional syringe valve applications, i.e. to aspirate/ dispense small, precise volumes, such as:
- Automated pipetting / Lab-on-a-chip infusion / FIA (Flow Injection Analysis) dosing / Titrations / System rinse/wash
The wetted materials of the IPV are Ultem®, Tefzel®, TZP (Zirconia) ceramic, Alumina ceramic, UHMWPE and Viton®. Please contact us regarding custom solutions for instrument manufacturers, including alternative materials and configurations.

Replacement Confluent IPVS for Confluent PVM
With 3-Way Ceramic "V" Valve
98-4908-50-07 50µL IPV  
98-4908-100-07 100µL IPV  
98-4908-250-07 250µL IPV  
98-4908-500-07 500µL IPV  
98-4908-1000-07 1.0mL IPV  
98-4908-2500-07 2.5mL IPV  
98-4908-5000-07 5,0mL IPV  
With 3-Way Ceramic "Y" Valve and Seal Wash Port
98-4908W-50-07 50µL IPV  
98-4908W-100-07  100µL IPV  
98-4908W-250-07 250µL IPV  
98-4908W-500-07  500µL IPV  
98-4908W-1000-07 1.0mL IPV  
98-4908W-2500-07  2.5mL IPV  
98-4908W-5000-07 5,0mL IPV  

Confluent IPVS for Cavro XP-3000 Pumps
With 3-Way Ceramic "Y" Valve
98-4911-50-07 50µL IPV  
98-4911-100-07 100µL IPV  
98-4911-250-07 250µL IPV  
98-4911-500-07 500µL IPV  
98-4911-1000-07 1.0mL IPV  
98-4911-2500-07 2.5mL IPV  
98-4911-5000-07 5,0mL IPV  
With 3-Way Ceramic "Y" Valve and Seal Wash Port
98-4911 W-50-07 50µL IPV  
98-4911W-100-07 100µL IPV  
98-4911 W-250-07 250µL IPV  
98-4911 W-500-07 500µL IPV  
98-4911 W-1000-07 1.0mL IPV  
98-4911W-2500-07 2.5mL IPV  
98-4911 W-5000-07 5,0mL IPV  

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