PEEK Starter Kit
PEEK Starter Kit
For a number of interesting LC applications involving proteins, peptides, nucleic acids or other samples of biological origin metal systems may interact with samples or release transition metals that will deactivate columns.
By replacing stainless steel parts, such as tubing, fittings, ferrules, mobile phase filters, in-line filters etc. you are creating a biocompatible and metal-free environment for your samples and mobile phase. The PEEK Starter Kit is a collection of items, which is a good start for everybody working in the field of biochromatography.
PEEK Starter Kit
Part No. Description
35 Kit, PEEK Starter
consists of following items:
E1 Plastic Box 1 pc
55020-1 Fitting, PEEK, one-piece natural, 10-32 6 pcs
5580 Nut, PEEK fingertight, 10-32 4 pcs
5510 Nut, PEEK, hex-head long, 10-32 4 pcs
5004 Ferrule, PEEK, double 1/16" 20 pcs
061 Union, PEEK, HP body only, 10-32 1 pc
357090 Tubing Elbow 90░ 2 pcs
357180 Tubing Elbow 180░ 2 pcs
68250 Filter, PEEK, In-Line, incl. PAT frit 5Ám 1 pc
797 Tool, Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter 1 pc
9000-0521 Filter, PTFE, Last Drop 5 Ám 1 pc
6001 Tubing, PEEK, 1/16" x 0.25 mm ID, bl. stripe 3 m
6002 Tubing, PEEK, 1/16" x 0.50 mm ID, or. stripe 3 m
806 Tool, Tweezer 1 pc
 Special Info: Replace Stainless Steel tubing and connectors with PEEK parts.