PEEK - Mixing T-Stück
Mixing Tee PEEK T-Stück
PEEK Biocompatible Mixing Tee  
A unique mixing is the result of the turbulence generated by the introduction angle of the solvents as well as the flow through our PAT filter element - the two solvent streams mix more thoroughly than with a conventional tee. Use the Jour Biocompatible Tee not only for your high-pressure gradient mixing but also for your post column reactions.
PEEK Biocompatible Mixing Tee
Part No. Description
9000-0665 Tee, PEEK, mixing, complete with fittings (P/N 55021-1)  
 Material: PEEK
 Dimensions: Width of the Mixing Tee body only = 25.4 mm
Thickness = 9.5 mm
For OD 1/16" Tubing
 Tolerances: +/- 0.05 mm (.002")
 Pressure rating: < 350 bar (< 5000 psi)
 Special Info: Metal-free for analytical gradient HPLC. Built-in protein friendly PAT filter (PEEK Alloyed with Teflon). Porosity 5 µm. Internal volume incl. frit = 4 µL. Comes complete with 3 PEEK Fingertight fittings (Part No. 55021-1).