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Stahlkapillare geschnitten
Pre-cut Stainless Steel Tubing
VICI Jour offers pre-cut stainless steel tubing in lengths most commonly required in HPLC systems. These tubes are cut to square, burr-free ends for zero-dead volume connections.
Each tube is then passivated in 30% nitric acid and cleaned (in ultrasonic bath) in methanol. Each tube is fitted with color-coded caps which prevent contamination and indicate the ID of the tube.
 Material: SS316, DIN1.4401
 Dimensions: OD 1/16", ID see chart
 Tolerances: +/- 0.05 mm (.002")
 Pressure rating: > 350 bar (> 5000 psi)
 Special Info: Not recommended for use with halides. High pressure resistance, low permeability.