Backpressure Regulators
Backpressure Ventile
Backpressure Regulators
Even properly degassed mobile phases may contain some dissolved gases that can release bubbles in the detector flow cell resulting in baseline noise and drift. The VICI Jour Backpressure Regulator provides a quick and convenient way to improve the stability of your detector’s baseline by providing a constant backpressure on the flow cell which stops the release of dissolved gases from the mobile phase.
A spring-loaded Kalrez diaphragm provides the force that generates the backpressure. Spring tension may be adjusted using the backpressure adjustment screw on the top of the regulator to vary the backpressure. Simply change the tension on the spring to set the desired backpressure. Because of the unique design, the VICI Jour Backpressure Regulator has only 0.6 µL internal volume. Install this device between two detectors in a multidetector system, or between a detector and fraction collector system, or between a detector and fraction collector without affecting the peak shape. Typically, 90% or more of a given component’s efficiency will be retained upon passing through the regulator. And the fluid path is completely biocompatible!  
Backpressure Regulators
Part No. Description
39021 Variable between 0-7 bar (100 psi)
39022 Variable between 7-20 bar (300 psi)
39023 Variable between 20-40 bar (600 psi)
39024 Variable between 40-105 bar (1500 psi)
 Material: Biocompatible - Wetted Components are PEEK and Kalrez
 Dimensions: For OD 1/16" Tubing
 Tolerances: +/- 0.05 mm (.002")
 Pressure rating: Adjustable Backpressure within the range 0-105 bar (1500 psi) without Disconnecting from System
 Special Info: Improves Baseline Stability by Preventing Bubble Formation in Flow Cell due to Outgassing.
Installs on Detector Drain Line.
Low Internal Volume -May be Used Between Detectors and Other Devices without Affecting the performance.